Lights, Cinema 4D…Action!

We are MAD was given the honor of creating a collection of graphics for the fourth White Night Festival in Melbourne’s CBD.

Held in February 2018, it attracted an estimated 600,000 people.

Creative Direction: We Are MAD
3D Modeling & Animation: We Are MAD
Client: oOh! Media
Created using: Cinema 4D, Octane Renderer & countless hours watching that render queue.

Bold and mesmerising.

Using Cinema 4D and Octane renderer, loopable animations of simple geometric shapes were created. Using bold colours to really catch the eye, these repetitive and mesmerising loops were impossible not to get caught up in.

The jumbo, jumbo-tron

At 6 stories high, the mega sized billboard become a moving artwork throughout the festival.


Each animation had a seamless loop point which meant you would never miss the action if you were walking past.