Choose your own adventure spices up some dry insurance mumbo jumbo.

Remember the first time you were asked whether you had TPPD/TPFT/COMP?

And the following 20mins clicking through google…

Well NRMA hopes to change that by teaching kids who are just about to start driving what you need to stay safe on the roads. Creating these videos was hopefully as much watching them. It’s not everyday you get to create a tiny model of a roadside and then film cars flying off it.

Director: Simeon Bartholomew
Art Direction: We Are MAD
Design & GFX: We Are MAD
 We Are MAD
Gaffer: Remi Durrenberger
Sound: Adam Roberts
Audio Mix: Leah Brown
Created using: Red Epic Dragon, ARRI Lighting, Adobe Premiere, After Effects & One third of a classroom.
Option 1: Needs nothing.


Option 2: Needs insurance.


Option 1: Celebrity Toilet Paper.


Option 2: Compulsory Third Party.


Option 1: Skip the vid.


Option 2: What is TPPD/TPFT/COMP.


Option 1: Ignore it and floor it.


Option 2: Stay for it.


Option 1 & 2: Probably, definitely Norman.


Option 1: Grandadmobile.


Option 2: Fullysickmobile.