85 Meters of pure eye candy.

The longest display ever intalled. We had the amazing opportunity to create a series of moving artworks for this 85 meter behemoth when it was unveiled at Melbourne International Airport in 2018.

Art Direction and Design: We Are MAD
Animation: We Are MAD
DoP: We Are MAD
Created using: Red Epic Dragon, ARRI Lighting, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Maxon Cinema 4D, Octane Renderer.

The “Fluid” series packed as much colour as we could possibly fit into a single frame.

The goal here was to show off the incredibly rich LED panels that were installed into this massive baggage claim hall.

The 2.5mm display with a total of 33,600 x 405 pixels and a 1,700 nits brightness, with a 160° vertical and horizontal viewing angles really creates an overwhelming experience.

“A window into nature” was just that. A glimpse into what a tropical oasis would look like in 2050.

We all know that feeling as you disembark an airplane after a long haul flight and feel as though you’re an inch away from becoming a rasin. This series had that feeling top-of-mind during it’s creation.


A refreshing window into nature.

No plants were hurt in the making of these videos.
Each plant was eagerly adopted at the end of filming.